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Japan Shikoku / 3 Oct 14

Japan Shikoku / 3 Oct 14

Japan Shikoku / 3 Oct 14

Japan Shikoku / 3 Oct 14
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Italy / 30 Jun 09

Eastern Europe / 1 Aug 02

Cross II
Japan Shikoku / 3 Oct 14

Italy / 30 Jun 09

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I am Vincent, a graphic and web designer. While I spend a lot of time on Photoshop, I love looking for inspiration from nature. From my camera I also see this world from other dimensions. I used different cameras from older compact cameras to the new DSLR. My recent Canon 5D MKII is currently my favourite, and with different kinds of lenses it just fits for any kind of photography I would like to try. Hope you enjoy my galleries!

Food is my another subject of interest. Visit my blog now and check my food articles. I am not a good food critic or an excellent writer, but the food pictures are still mouthwatering like real food. You can also find other interesting things from my blogs, so have a look, and leave me a message if you like them.
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