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3D abstract / 21 Feb 05

Evoke is all about motions and energy. A new world is formed from the explosion of light and colors, and while the stones fly and the clouds unleash the energy of lightning. Look deeper and see more!

3D abstract / 24 Aug 03

Being the most faved piece in deviantART, Recticore recharges your mind to a new level. This giant Rechargable Titanium Induction Core is surely something impressive on the wall.

3D abstract / 16 Dec 02

Enshroud is the first piece on the shelf, yet it is also one of the most popular items as the soft green is easy to eyes. The impressive details of machinery are completely done in Bryce 5.

Spark of Life
3D abstract / 8 Apr 03

Spark of Life represents real biological data in visual formats, showing you how reactions start in the energy dots in our body. Purchase it and see what is inside your body!

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3D abstract / 18 Dec 04

Everlasting displays the best execution when all the colors in the rainbow want to play in the same canvas. The lighting symbolizes the energy which never disappear, thus everlasting.

3D abstract / 2 Jun 04

A twist of the usual abstract art we see, Empower is a clean and slick design of machines across the sky. Enjoy enormous amount of details on such bright and sharp environment now!

3D abstract / 19 Jun 03

Only strong things stand for a long time like this superstructure Edifice. These floating buildings in space are so detailed that this piece was the most wanted item in the store for 6 continuous months.

3D abstract / 12 May 04

Another new standard in abstract art perhaps, but Imperial is more solid than you think. The scene was taken when the empire was preparing to strike back, to reclaim what had been lost...

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I am Vincent, a graphic and web designer. I study architecture and am now working full-time in that field too. However, graphics has always been a big part in my career, and my graduation thesis is my first attempt to blend graphic design into architectural design. You can visit this thesis page to see my concepts and design process, and to understand how I use my art Watercolors to develop this art museum proposal. Other recent architectural designs can also be found in my main site.

My digital art received numerous online awards in different art community sites including the famous deviantART and now-revamped In 2003 one of my artworks Flux was selected and included in the digital art book Elemental 2 by Ballistic Publishing. Some of my artworks like Redeem were also chosen to be published on different art magazines. You may check all the award-winning pieces and read each piece for more information.
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